Fri. Apr 10th, 2020

Learn About Various Snow Removal Contracts Suitable for Commercial Property

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Winters are nearing. This is the right time for residential and commercial space owners to consider taking a snow removal contract. There are mainly three types of contracts to choose from. By getting knowledge about these contracts, you can decide the right contract for your service.

Pay Per-Push, and Pay Per Event

This commercial snow plow contract is mainly for those “property managers” who wish to pay only if there is falling of snow. So, as per this condition, if there is no snowfall, then they won’t be billed. Pay per push pricing depends on the depth of the snow. There is a price stated for every push for two to four inches, four to six inches and six to eight inches of snow.

People who mostly prefer this type of contract are retail property managers. They wish the service to be delivered to them in an “itemized” manner. These clients benefit when there is a mild winter. This type of agreements is generally 3-year contract. So, it is up to people to decide between a pay per push or a fixed price?

Seasonal Contract

This type of contracts is of two to three years. Clients under this contract have to pay a fixed amount every month to avail snow services. This contract is in active state during the 5 winter months for three years.

One of the attractive features of this contract is its constant price. They do not need to worry about the fluctuating snow removal costs in winter months. They are going to get the same bill amount throughout the contract period.

 This type of contract is best suited for people who are budget-conscious. Snowplowing professionals will come to their place and remove the snow when accumulation of snow reaches to two inches.

Full-Service “Seasonal” Contract

For heavily traveled and high-risk properties, there is no tolerance for error with ice and snow management. It is very much needed to get clear walkways and parking lots throughout the winter season. Clients who have taken this contract are provided with response prior, during and post a storm.

This implies utilization of the appropriate materials, equipment and shipping dedicated, trained and experienced professionals. This type of contract is mostly chosen by clients that include hospitals, healthcare facilities, and corporate properties.


Ensuring a clear and clean driveway and parking lot is very important especially in the winter season. Snow removal contract provides you assistance in accomplishing this objective. The above description of the service contracts would help you select the best one for your needs.